Go figure

A tiny example of how they shut down conversations. Because connecting individual to collective responsibility seems to be only comprehensive when you’re not on the winning end.

„Your personal everyday experience doesn’t prove social inequality to me“ you say, „it’s shocking and all, but i bet you’ve got no idea about the dark figure of sexually abused men, no one talks about that!”

I say “Alright, you want to talk about figures? Are you sure?” You say, yes, and I start telling you something about figures.

I’m digging them all up, the statistics, polls, interviews, micro-census etc.

I’m telling you about 16 year olds who pay 40 bucks a month for birth control, while their boyfriend won’t even think about sharing the costs.

I’m telling you about single moms, gender pay gap, marital rape, dismissed cases, taxi costs in the middle of the night, daycare spots, murdered trans-women, female CEOs, movie casts, mental illnesses.

I’m researching all these figures for you, fishing them out of my folders, reading up on them in my old books from college, making sure that all of them have been checked thrice.

In the end, I’m tired and disillusioned- You look unhinged, standing in front of me, like a puppy in the pouring rain and yet you say “What do you want with all those impersonal figures? They don’t prove your everyday experience to me in the slightest!”

If you really want to talk about the dark figures and men’s suffering, first explain to me how those aren’t examples for the same inequality and stigma I am talking about, thank and bless.